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Catalog number:  If you know the UMMZ catalog number, then enter it here. You may enter either all or part of a number.

Taxon Name: This is a keyword search for genus or species. Enter either a partial or full taxon name.

Country: State: County: Enter your preference for a geographic search. In order to narrow down your search, use the displayed format. Examples:

Michigan: Washtenaw
Australia: Queensland
Canada: Ontario: Middlesex

Specific Locality: Keyword search on a specific locality. You may enter the names of cities, rivers or roads here.

Georeferencing Accuracy: Each locality is given a numbered ranking between 0 and 4 based upon the accuracy of the associated geocoordinates. A ranking of 4 is the highest ranking, and is reserved for localities where GPS coordinates were taken at the locality site. A ranking of 0 is the lowest, and is reserved for localities that are simply too vague to obtain any useful data (see examples below). By using these rankings, a researcher can choose to limit a query to data that is relevant to his/her research requirements.

Rankings are based on the specific locality:
0 – Mississippi River
1 – Huron River, Michigan
2 – Huron River, 5 mi. N of Ann Arbor, Michigan
3 – Huron River at Hwy 14 bridge, Ann Arbor, Michigan
4 – Little Fishing Creek, 1.0 mi. W of White Oak, NC; GPS 36.1858N, 77.8767W

Type Status: To limit your search to our type catalog, choose the appropriate option.